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Sailing off the coast of Corsica during the summer of ’18 and stopping by lovely villages, we spotted beautiful houses for sale or rent. We thought that it is difficult to find your perfect sea home. With Your Sea Home, we wanted to create a unique platform to help you find your dream home!

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Looking for your home by the sea....but where? Sandy beach or high cliffs? By the city or in a small village? Your Sea Home thought about you to help you find your dream property. Forget the classical search system, you do not need to know all the geography of this world to get what you really want. Our search system reflects what you like - you can start by choosing your sea, then the type of landscape you prefer, and finally get to chose what your feet would love to feel underneath, sand or rocks! Which country did you end up in?
You will see our beautiful properties from around the world and discover our “hidden pearls”. We will run a contest for those who would like to present their unique properties on a dedicated section on our website. To know more about this, please visit the relevant page.
It does not finish here, for all sea lovers, our blogposts will give you some hints and information about what is good to know if you love coastal living.
Explore our platform and find your perfect sea home today!

Our values

What drives your life choices? Our answer is passion, and we believe that if you live with passion, and try your best to do what you are passioned about, life will be more joyful! Your Sea Home combines our passions for the sea and the real estate, the whole website is centred around our passion. The time spent visiting beautiful properties by the sea, trying to scout out the most unique ones for our website, all the time dedicated to create a user friendly and special website, the time we share with our agency partners or with those looking for their spot by the sea, all of this makes us grateful for the chance we have. Do you feel more in harmony in the countryside or in a fisherman village? Do you like sand beaches or stone beaches? Or do you prefer the vibes of a city by the sea? Through our website, you will find a unique way to look for your dream home by the sea, following your favourite landscape, kind of sea, and coast.

“Beauty will save the world” (Cit. Dostoevsky). What is the place you imagine to escape from tough moments? What will you make feel better? If you are on there are high chances the answer is sea. Nature gives its best at sea, the calming power of water, the warm of the sun rays on your skin, the beautiful colours of the sky at sunset, the life by the sea that follows and obey to its rhythms. Whether on a small Mediterranean island, by the cliffs of a northern sea village, or walking down the promenade of a sea city, its beauty is the same declined in different shadows. We have made a beautiful website, we truly want browsing our website to be a stunning experience. Our initial project came from the idea of wanting to give everybody a chance to discover hidden beauties, that’s why we want to highlight truly beautiful homes. We have dedicated a section to the most beautiful handcraft of the sea: the pearls.... that’s where you can find some of the properties with an extra special touch. We hope to bring more beauty into your life.

Your Sea Home exist because of you, whether you are one of our agency partners, a private owner or a future tenant of a home by the sea. Everything we do aims at making your experience on our website easy and enjoyable. Our platform takes into account the needs of all of those who might access it and our goal is to help you find exactly what you are looking for! We love talking to our partners and building something together that could really make the difference for many of you. We have put a section on our website about the hidden pearl tour. We want to accompany you in finding your hidden pearl in the most beautiful and enjoyable way- by sailing! We are sailors ourselves and we want to spend time with you during the search for your perfect home! Our final goal is to make you happy, to share beauty with you and to make your dreams possible - your needs are our driver.

Our team

Young and energetic crew there to help you selling or finding your sea home. Our passion is our work. We are always there to ensure you can navigate our website easily and have a unique experience. Do not hesitate to get in touch for any assistance!

Emanuele Bozzini
Co-founder and finances

Emanuele Bozzini

Alessia Cogliandro
Founder and partners relationship

Alessia Cogliandro

Hidden Pearls Tour

The hidden pearls tour is an alternative way of house hunting, searching for your perfect property by sail boat! The perfect combination of holidays and house hunting, what else could you ask for? You can find more information about the hidden pearls tour under the "our services" section.