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General Terms & Conditions Your Sea Home

This Website aims at offering you a platform for the purpose of posting or reviewing offers regarding real estate sales and rentals offers for goods located on or very close to the seaside (ca. 20km maximum)


1.1        These general terms and conditions and conditions of use (hereinafter referred to as: General Terms & Conditions) apply when you visit the website In visiting this website, you, the customer, agree tacitly and unconditionally, to be bound by these General Terms & Conditions as well as our privacy and cookie policy. The general terms & conditions were last updated on April 3, 2020.


2.1        This website is offered and provided by AC EU CONSULT (hereinafter referred to as: Your Sea Home):

•                Name: AC EU CONSULT

•                Address: Avenue Montjoie 23, 1180 Bruxelles, BELGIUM

•                VAT: BE0675.724.863

•                Phone: +32 (0) 493503996

•                Email:

2.2        Concerning the offering of payment services in the context of this website, Your Sea Home uses an external payment service provider MultiSafePayhereinafter referred to as MultiSafepay:

•                Name: MultiSafePay B.V.

•                Address: Kraanspoor 39, 1033 SC Amsterdam, the Netherlands

•                VAT: NL 810178473B01

•                Phone: +31 (0)20 8500 500

•                Email:

2.3        MultiSafePay was registered as payment services provider in the Netherlands and provides its services in Belgium in line with the free movement of services pursuant to Article 25 of the Directive on payment services (2007/64/EC). The Dutch National Bank (DNB) is responsible for the prudential supervision of the payment services provided by MultiSafaPay

2.4        The payment methods that are accepted are (hereinafter referred to as: payment methods): VISA; MASTERCARD; MAESTRO; BANCONTACTBANK TRANSFER; SEPA DOMICILIATION; (This information is given clearly and legibly no later than at the beginning of the order process.

2.5        The language in which you enter into the agreement with Your Sea Home for the use of this website is English.

2.6        The invalidity of any provision arising from these General Terms & Conditions shall not affect the validity of the other provisions.



3.1        As stipulated in our privacy policy, Your Sea Home undertakes to process your personal data only in line with the current privacy legislation and in accordance with the purpose for which your personal details were collected. For more information regarding the processing of your personal data, please view our privacy policy on our website.


4.1        This agreement is concluded for an indefinite period. Your Sea Home and you may terminate this agreement at any time with immediate effect and without recourse to the courts. If this agreement is terminated, you will no longer be able to log into your user profile on this website.

4.2        Your Sea Home has the right to terminate this agreement with immediate effect, without further notice, without recourse to the courts and without any compensation or other right of recourse and remove or suspend your user profile, if your registration on or use of our website (a) constitutes a breach of these General Terms & Conditions or of an intellectual property right or other right of a third party, (b) jeopardises or could jeopardise the security or integrity of Your Sea Home, our website, or a third party or of the IT system of Your Sea Home or a third party, (c) is accompanied by viruses, Trojan horses, worms, spyware, malware or the like, or (d) is harmful, obscene, discriminatory, hateful, racist, defamatory, nasty, offensive or otherwise inappropriate, illegal or unlawful.

4.3        Your Sea Home reserves the right to amend these General Terms & Conditions via a message on our website or via email. You will be deemed to have accepted such changes if Your Sea Home does not receive a message from you in which you object to the change within 10 working days of the message being posted on our website or the date on which the email was sent. If you do object to the change within the aforementioned period, each party shall have the right to terminate this agreement with immediate effect and without recourse to the courts by way of a notice or message (e.g. via email) conveyed to the other party.


5.1        The user has the intellectual property rights to the content he/she publishes on this website, including but not limited to copyrights, neighbouring rights, trademark rights, patent rights, design and model rights, Your Sea Home rights, database rights and rights relating to the protection of know-how (hereinafter referred to as ‘Intellectual property rights’). The user may not place any content on this website that constitutes an infringement of the intellectual property rights of third parties.

5.2        The user grants Your Sea Home a free, worldwide, non-exclusive, transferable and sub-licensable licence to use, disclose and reproduce the content via any known or future medium for the functioning and promotion of this website up to the time the content of this website is removed.

5.3        With the exception of the content placed on this website by a user, the intellectual property rights to this website continue to belong to Your Sea Home or its licensors. The reproduction, distribution, sale, publication, modification, translation, updating or use for commercial purposes, as a whole or in part, is expressly prohibited.

5.4        Your Sea Home grants the user a limited, personal, revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-sub-licensable licence to use the posted content in accordance with the purpose of this website.

5.5        The copying or deletion of information from this website and recording it in a database is prohibited, with the exception of caching by your browser.

5.6        Exceptions may only be granted on the basis of Belgian law or by means of the prior, explicit and written consent of Your Sea Home.


6.1        MultiSafePay acts as payment provider and provides for the settlement of payment transactions in accordance with the payment method chosen. Your Sea Home is not responsible for the costs, or reimbursement of said costs in the case of cancellations, charged by MultiSafePay. You can find all useful information concerning MultiSafePay above.



7.1.1       For the purpose of these General Terms and Conditions, purchases are defined as the action of buying the right to have a specific property advertisement (property ad) to sale or rent properties located on the seaside within a distance of 20 km maximum, as defined by Your Sea Home or the buying of one or more ancillary services such as sailing boat tours to visit one or more properties for sale.

7.1.2       You can only make purchases from our online store if you are a registered user and are logged in.

7.1.3       The approval of a specific property ad posted by you on Your Sea Home is automatic after the payment, and it is subjected to the publication criteria requested beforehand by Your Sea Home

7.1.4       In case of non-compliance of the ad with Your Sea Home criteria or instructions, the ad will be made non-public and you will be contacted by Your Sea Home to modify the ad according to the criteria Your Sea Home requires. In the case the ad will not be modified within 10 days following the instructions received by Your Sea Home, Your Sea Home has the right to permanent delete the ad and no reimbursement will be corresponded.

7.1.5       You will receive an order overview before you can place and confirm your order. This overview states, among other things, the delivery address, the contents of your shopping cart, i.e. the purchases you want to order, the price (in euro [€] and including VAT) of each purchase, as well as the total price of your order. You should check the order overview carefully. In this way, you can easily detect and correct input errors before placing the order. After you have carefully checked the order overview, you can place the order by clicking on the “Order and pay” button.  Clicking on this button means that you have checked the order overview and agree to place a binding order and enter into a commitment to pay for this. Your order is then finally forwarded to our store.

7.1.6       The order overview will be confirmed via email after you have placed and confirmed your order and, at the latest, on delivery of the purchases. The email address referred to in this clause is that linked to your account. As soon as you have received this confirmation, the contract is then binding and we will process your order.


7.2.1       The contract is concluded in the following language: English.

7.2.2       Each order via our online store has to be confirmed by Your Sea Home. The purchase agreement between you and Your Sea Home is only concluded at the time of this purchase confirmation.

7.2.3       The purchases referred to in the purchase confirmation are the subject of the purchase agreement between you and Your Sea Home, which will be archived by Your Sea Home.


7.3.1       The price of each purchase is listed on the relevant product page, but also in the overview before you place and confirm your order.  If the price appears to be incorrect, you will be given the option to order the purchases at the correct price or cancel your order. If you do not respond, your order will be cancelled automatically.

7.3.2       The prices of the purchases are in euro (€) and include VAT.

7.3.3       Your Sea Home reserves the right to change the prices of items at any time and without notice, except for orders that have already been confirmed. Promotions and discounts are limited to the dates and purchases stated in our online store.

7.3.4       The payments are made via the MultiSafePay and the payment method(s) referred to.

7.3.5       Your invoice will be sent to you by email, but you can also have a track of your payments via your user profile when you log in.

7.3.6       The purchases shall remain our property until full payment of the purchase price and, where applicable, the shipment costs have been made.


7.4.1       Adding a purchase to your shopping cart does not mean that the purchase has been reserved for you. It is possible for the purchase to no longer be available between the moment you place a purchase in your shopping cart and the time you want to place your order.

7.4.2       Your Sea Home reserves the right to remove an item from the online store at any time. If the purchase appears to no longer be available, your order will be cancelled.

7.4.3       If the purchases ordered are out of stock, we cannot be forced to purchase the items ordered elsewhere. We do not accept any purchasing risk.


7.5.1       With regard to the ad on our online store, you can view the following information, the main features of the ad such as

7.5.2       Our online store tries to display items in as authentic a manner as possible, but please bear in mind that items can sometimes differ from the picture, e.g. in terms of colour or size. Always check the specifications of the item before you place your order.


7.6.1       Although your right of revocation applies in principle to the conclusion of a distance contract, the revocation right is ruled out in this case: the service is entirely delivered before the end of the revocation period of 14 days.

7.7        COMPLAINTS

7.7.1       You can direct complaints relating to your purchase to:

•          Name: AC EU CONSULT

•          Address: Avenue Montjoie 23, Avenue Montjoie 23, 1180, BELGIUM

•          Phone: +32 (0) 493503996

•          Fax: n.a.

•          Email:


8.1        You give your assurance that you are entitled to enter into this agreement. If you are acting on behalf of a legal entity, you guarantee that you have the necessary powers of representation to enter into this agreement.

8.2        These General Terms & Conditions can be viewed at any time on the website of Your Sea Home using a hyperlink referring to it at the bottom of the web page. They will also be provided to you in PDF format. To open the PDF document, you will need Adobe Reader, which you can download free of charge from, or a similar PDF reader. The email address referred to in this clause is that linked to your account.

8.3        Your Sea Home may assign all or part of this agreement or any rights and obligations arising from it to any third party without your consent, except as otherwise provided for by mandatory law.

8.4        The European Commission offers consumers a platform for alternative dispute resolution. Consumers can resolve their disputes relating to an online order without the intervention of the courts. You can access the online dispute settlement platform via this URL:

8.5        Application of the Vienna Convention on International Sale Agreements (1980) is expressly excluded.

8.6        If one or more of the provisions contained in the General Terms & Conditions are declared invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.


9.1        These General Terms & Conditions and your use of this website are governed solely by the laws of the judicial district responsible for the registered office of Your Sea Home excluding rules of international private law on the basis of which the law of another country would be applicable.

9.2        Except in the event of another court having territorial jurisdiction on the basis of mandatory law, any dispute relating to these General Terms & Conditions, Your Sea Home or your use of this website shall be resolved exclusively by the courts located in the judicial district responsible for the registered office of Your Sea Home.